Although I have spent my professional life developing my career in the field of graphic design, I have always stayed active in my passion for personal artistic expression. The medium in which I have developed the most skill has been photography.  I have been photographing professionally for approximately thirty years.

In the early years, I started my photography with a borrowed camera. My passion grew as I continued using photography as a component in my artistic work in silkscreen print making.

As with other visual art forms, photography is the medium through which I convey to the world the imagery of what I see and my unique way of seeing.  My influences come from the combined effects of the medium and the subject. Most subjects will yield far more than a single photograph, so it is often through a series of photographs that I communicate my artistic vision. The style is thus basically documentary or photo-essay.

For me, the production technique of the print is completely enmeshed in the creative process. While capturing the images in the camera, I am very much aware of and guided by the process that is to follow. As the images are digitally prepared for printing, the creative process continues.

The total experience of the art of photography is, in fact, what I enjoy. There are two distinct creative processes at work. The first is the aesthetic decision-making in finding, choosing and framing the subject at the instant of releasing the shutter. The second is the combined art and craft of printing the image and preparing it for viewing. The sum of these two activities is far greater than their parts. Photography, beyond decoration, can compel the viewer to respond on various levels, aesthetic, political, social, historical or ethical. It is an art form that provokes and involves.

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SOL LANG holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He has participated in the Advanced Photography Seminar at the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts and has been a member of “8 Versions”, a fine art photography group, where he met regularly and participated in the group’s  exhibitions. As graphic designer, he is a founding partner of Crayon Design & Communication, a design firm in Montreal, established in 1980. He has won numerous national and international awards and was a member of the board of the Société des Graphistes du Québec. He has been actively producing photographic art and has participated in numerous solo as well as group exhibitions, both national and international. His works are in public and private collections. Original work by Sol Lang can be purchased directly from the artist.

SOL LANG est titulaire d’un diplôme en beaux-arts de l’Université Concordia, et a de plus suivi une formation de niveau avancé en photographie du Centre des arts Saidye Bronfman. Il est aussi membre d’un groupe d’artistes travaillant la photographie se nommant « 8 Versions », qui se rencontre sur une base régulière en plus d’organiser des expositions. Graphiste et photographe de profession, il est le cofondateur de Crayon Design & Communication (avec son épouse Mary Bogdan, aussi artiste et graphiste), un firme de design montréalaise depuis 1980. Sol Lang a gagné plusieurs prix nationaux et internationaux, et a été un membre du conseil d’administration de la Société des Graphistes du Québec. Il travaille activement à la photographie artistique et a déjà participé à de nombreuses expositions de groupe ou encore en solo. Ses oeuvres se retrouvent dans des collections publiques et privées.