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A Book About Death is a collaborative project conceived by American artist Matthew Rose for the Emily Harvey Foundation in New York City, where the original exhibition took place from September 10 – 22, 2009.

Approximately 500 artists contributed their works in the form of post cards of which 500 were printed of each. The p
ostcards were of varying sizes each created from works made especially for this event, to create an unbound book about death.

The exhibition opened with a packed house, and a line snaking up Broadway more than 500 people long waiting to get in the doors to make their own book.

Since then, the exhibition has traveled to the Otis College of Art and Design in LA, The River Mill Art Gallery in New Jersey, The Mobius Gallery in Boston, MA, The Queens Museum in Queens, NY, The Sexta Literary Arts Festival in Tijuana, Mexico, as well as smaller galleries and schools in Louisiana, Wisconsin and Long Island. Complete sets of “A Book About Death” have entered into the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art (Library), and the LA County Museum of Art Research Library.

On February 3rd, 2010, Um Livro Sobre A Morte / A Book About Death - opened in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, organized and curated by Angela Ferrara. The show exhibited new works and new artists from around the world as well as the works featured in the North America shows.


A Book About Death — MoMA Wales

A new exhibition organized by artist Sonja Benskin Mesher, RCA.

This artistic contribution by Sol Lang is a mixed media, hanging mobile, consisting of three pillow-like panels representing a six page book about death. The subject is a commentary on the destruction of our forests, symbolizing the imminent self-destruction of mankind. The three pillows are printed on with photographic images of cut down trees from the "Ravaged Forest" series and superimposed text. They are all sewn together with coloured threads, hanging in an unrolled scroll-like fashion, from a real tree branch shaped like a wishbone to represent an optimistic plea for our future.

The text reads as follows:

"In my mind I conjure up images from post holocaust documentary films of the death camps taken by the allied forces. Bodies piled up one on to of the other, as the bulldozers shovel them into the massive graves. Trees symbolize life. Cut down, they give me an ominous feeling that foreshadows an end of humanity."

This art piece was created for the "A Book About Death" exhibition, April 27th to May 8th, 2010, to remain in the permanent collection the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA-Wales, UK.